Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

Happiness is: a sunshine-y Super Bowl Sunday!

While most everywhere else in the US is watching the Super Bowl in freezing weather, I spent the hours before the big game poolside--drinking beers, eating homemade tacos, & soaking in the glorious SoCal sunshine with friends.

I think LA has had approximately 1.5 days of rain in 2012. (If there's been more than that, I don't remember it.) And while that's not great for the agriculture, it's great for happiness! How can you be sad when the weather's happy??

My apologies to those in colder/less than perfect weather places, as this is not meant to completely rub it in. :P

Not happy that the Pats lost, but we'll focus on the positive. It was a great day.

I love LA. Happy Super Bowl, all! 

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