Friday, February 17, 2012

Bits of Happiness

As the weekend approaches (long weekend for some), I leave you with a few things that are currently making me smile, and hopefully will make you smile too...

1. Flowers in bloom!

Most guys don't understand the point of giving flowers, arguing the obvious--"they die." However, while the life of a bouquet of flowers is fleeting, the happiness it brings lasts so much longer. When in doubt, buy the flowers.

They're so friendly!

2. Emoji fun! I downloaded the emoji application for my iPhone and it's awesome.

On Valentine's Day, my cousin & I were discussing The Notebook. Here's a screenshot of part of our text conversation. 

If you love The Notebook, you'll instantly recognize where this is from. 
If you don't...well then you should watch it again!

Yes, our texts usually look like this.

3. A hilarious, loving piece of advice from my father about love & Valentine's Day...

As for not having a Valentine at this time. Remember, you want the right valentine, and not the wife beater - so be patient. Keep an eye out, and just be you. You are a good catch, and your future Valentine will be the same for you!

Thanks, Dad:
...for reassuring me that one day, someone will love me for me.
...for reminding me to always keep my eyes open, because love can be found anywhere. 
...for stressing the importance of patience, because nothing worth while ever comes easily.
...for knowing that my future Valentine will be just as awesome as I am. ;)

And finally...
...for reminding me that I want "the right valentine, and not the wife beater." 

Phew, I had almost forgot. :P
Ladies, remember that one! 

Happy Friday!


  1. That note from your dad is hilarious and sweet :) Dads always know how to throw in a completely ridiculous statement when they are trying to make you feel good about something. My dad does this all the time and it always makes me laugh.

  2. Hey Tracy, Eric here! I think your blog is nice! Great work, its light and has a happy spirit and is fun to read. Keep up the good work and if you are ever in SD, say hello!