Monday, February 6, 2012

Fashion Pro(Re)gression

After a fun-filled weekend, Mondays are never easy to be happy about.

So to get me jazzed, I decided to wear my new pink & orange striped dress I had just purchased. I've been told color stimulates the brain; so whenever I feel down, I try to use my outfit as a good pick-me-up. It usually works...must have something to do with the "fake it to make it" mentality--If I look happy, I'll be happy.

However, this soon took an unexpected turn...

I paired my new dress with a blue denim jacket, white Converse, & my usual array of arm candy. Feeling a good combination of J.Crew preppy & LA hipster, I felt satisfied about my outfit choice. However, as I saw my reflection in the windows/door entering my office building, I realized: Shoot, I definitely wore this outfit in high school...instantly taking my fashionista confidence from about an 8.5 to about a 2. 

There are only a few things that can so drastically kill your "I-love-my-outfit" buzz:
- Accidentally wearing the same outfit as your friend.
- Accidentally wearing the same outfit as your enemy.
- Knowing your friend/enemy looks better in your same outfit.
- Staining/ripping your outfit.
- Realizing you wore the outfit in high school.

Wearing the same outfit almost 10 years out of high school means you were either an extremely forward-thinking fashionista in high school...or you have regressed.

And in this case, it was definitely the latter. 

Funny enough, my denim jacket is the same one I wore in high school--complete with my last name written in Sharpie on the tag by my mother to prevent it from being lost or stolen. (I guess it worked. Thanks, Mom.)

As the day progressed, I laughed at my fashion quandary & settled that my outfit was about a 4. After all, aside from my poor pairings, I was still wearing a new, fun, striped dress. 

It also helped that I got an extra boost of happiness by finally getting one of Starbucks' Valentine's Day cups! The theme is "Celebrate, everylove." Very cute. Very happy.

LOVE cup & my new dress.

What was meant as a fashion PROgression, ended up a fashion REgression. 
Oh well, lesson learned. 
Still happy. :)

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