Monday, February 27, 2012

Nail Art: The 50/50

Apologies for the week hiatus. Life got crazy; and unfortunately, this blog is one of the first things to get neglected. (Along with my "health conscious" diet, which is probably another issue entirely...) 

So, hello again!
I'm an avid follower of The Beauty Department--a website devoted to all things "beauty," giving advice on the best hair/makeup for various occasions or outfits,  as well as tutorials for hair/makeup/nails.

Usually, I just read the how-to's & browse the pictures, deeming most of the suggestions either too difficult for me to attempt or simply unrealistic for me to rock in my every day life. 

However, after seeing numerous DIY nail art pictures on TBD & Pinterest, I decided to give it a try.

I call this, The 50/50. (I didn't really follow a particular how-to, but here's the general inspiration: CLICK)

The Players: Gold & mint nail polish, office stickers, scissors, top coat.

The Players

1. Paint first color.
In this tutorial, it's whichever color you'd like on the bottom part of your nail.

2. After the first color has dried, place stickers on the nail. 
Since my stickers were large, I cut them into quarters. (TBD usually uses reinforcements.)
Place stickers on your nail depending on how much you'd like to keep the first color. In this case, I did about 50%.

3. Paint second color.

Step 1 - 3
4. After the second color has dried, carefully remove the stickers.
I found that peeling the sticker sideways is better than simply lifting it up. 

5. Add top coat. 

DONE! Your very own, two-toned nail art!

Voila!! 50/50!

This wasn't terribly difficult, but definitely not as simple as TBD makes it seem. If I did this one again, I'd place the stickers lower so the colors are less 50/50 and more 30/70. 

Either way, I'm pretty pleased with the results. I'm not the most patient or dexterous when it comes to nail painting, so if I can do it, you all most certainly can!

Follow me on Pinterest to see what other nail art I'm looking to try. 

Have fun! Good luck! & Happy Monday!


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