Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Perfect Crush

Happiness is: that perfect crush.

For most people, there's always have that one, seemingly perfect, person you'll always have a crush on. You're blind to their imperfections, and no matter what, the good far outweighs any bad. And every great moment only solidifies your feelings that there is no one more perfect for you.

For me, it's not a person--it's San Francisco.

Somehow, the tiny little 7x7mile city holds a special place in my heart. No matter if my flight is delayed due to the fog or if it's overcast and rainy during my stay, I love it. Like the "perfect guy," I can list out all its positive qualities, but I can't exactly explain what it is that makes me love the city so much--it's just a feeling.

I spent this past weekend in San Francisco, reconfirming my love. The fact that I somehow managed to lose one of my favorite coats and $100 of Christmas money during my stay is inconsequential. The weather was gorgeous, the food was delicious, and I had so much fun with family & friends. 

MLK Weekend

But like that "perfect crush," perhaps it's better that we're not together. Because if we were, I might end up seeing things that aren't so wonderful...maybe I'd end up seeing all the imperfections...and that would be sad. 

So for now, I'll stick with just visiting, keeping San Francisco as my perfect crush. 

But who knows, maybe one day we'll live happily ever after...

Forever in love with the city by the bay...

**Don't get me wrong, I love LA. In fact, there will probably be a post on this at some point. But my love for San Francisco is just different.

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