Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Feet!

Happiness is: happy feet!

I'm a firm believer in fun undergarments. No, no, I'm not talking about the risque type... (While I believe in those too, this is not that type of blog.) I'm talking about SOCKS! 

Why wear boring white or black when you could wear: holiday, fuzzy, polka dotted, striped, heart, rainbow...

Now let's not get it twisted, I'm not talking about walking around with your fun socks showing. Unless it's some sort of themed party and they go with your costume--keep your fun socks hidden. (This rule also goes for the other types of fun undergarments. Ha!) Your fun socks shouldn't affect ruin the overall fabulousness of your outfit. It's more like an inside joke you're having with yourself. 

I mean, come on...knowing you're wearing neon striped socks under your uber chic black motorcycle boots is pretty funny. No? Just me? 

While they might not be able to turn around the worst day, but I'm sure they'll at least crack a small smile. Try it!

Fun socks = happy feet = :) 

It also makes laundry day so colorful!

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