Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hello, Old Friend.

So it's been a hot minute.

I took a break to try & figure out what my purpose of this is...and while I still haven't quite figured it out, I shall update at the request of a select few. ;)

I've got a ton of pictures, but to refrain from a post that resembles a Facebook album, I've just picked a select few. 

...per usual, filled with fun, friends, & food. ;) 

{Outside Lands: This is a good sign.}

{Outside Lands}

{Outside Lands: A fraction of the crowd...}

{Outside Lands: Passion Pit}


{Michelada Popsicle!!}

{SF Weekender}

{Cowgirl Creamery...LOVE}
{Puppy loves cheese too!}
{Beauty school dropout...}
{Wine down.}
{, what are you?}
{Fight On Forever.}
Headed for the open door, tell me what you're waiting for.
Look across the great divide; soon they're gonna hear 
the sound, the sound, the sound,
when we come running.
- "We Come Running", Youngblood Hawke

Happy (almost) Friday!


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